Fantasy Bachelor - thoughts? 

Each week I play “fantasy bachelor” and pick three girls that I think will advance to next weeks rose ceremony. 
My picks for this Monday (1/16/2012) are:

Emily. - I think she’s a really fun girl and really enjoys life. The fact that she is a med student at UNC is a plus too. It shows that she has a strong work ethic, and doesn’t need to support her. 

Kacie. - As much as I like her, there is something about her that just doesn’t sit well with me, I’m not exactly sure what it is…but I will keep you posted as the season continues!! 

Lindzi. - She reminds me so much of Emily Maynard (from Brad’s season). She just has so much class and dignity, you can’t not love her!! 

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  • Jan 13,2012
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